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SING OUT. Pictured are members of Singzina, who performed at the 'Let's Sing Gospel 4' held on Friday night at Drumreagh Presbyterian Church.INBM3-15 042SC.


Singzina is our fabulous new Choir which had its début performance in January 2015.  Their close harmonies and bright voices were certainly a crowd pleaser – especially in their unique rendition of Pharrell Williams’ ‘Happy’ – which ultimately sums up this fantastic choir.

ACC Waterfront Dec 14-1240

Waterfront Hall, Belfast

Barazina was buzzing after a fantastic night in the Waterftont Hall, December 2014 singing alongside the African Children’s Choir.


First Dunboe

Barazina Mini and Youth Choirs sang to a packed audience in First Dunboe in October.  

news update

Millennium Forum Concerts

Barazina Youth Choir and Barazina Mini choir had two fantastic concerts at the Millennium Forum with the African Children’s Choir and local schools on 8th and 12th April. Such a celebration as we all sang Barazina songs and African Children’s Choir songs together! Young People from Cumber Claudy Primary (Claudy),[...]